20.16.5. Device Leases

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When using a lock manager, you have the option to record device leases against a guest virtual machine. The lock manager will ensure that the guest virtual machine does not start unless the leases can be acquired. When configured using conventional management tools, the following section of the domain xml is effected:

      <target path='/some/lease/path' offset='1024'/>

Figure 20.27. Devices - device leases

The lease section can have the following arguments:
  • lockspace - an arbitrary string that identifies lockspace within which the key is held. Lock managers may impose extra restrictions on the format, or length of the lockspace name.
  • key - an arbitrary string, that uniquely identies the lease to be acquired. Lock managers may impose extra restrictions on the format, or length of the key.
  • target - the fully qualified path of the file associated with the lockspace. The offset specifies where the lease is stored within the file. If the lock manager does not require a offset, set this value to 0.
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