10.3. IBM Installation Tools

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IBM Installation Toolkit is an optional utility that speeds up the installation of Linux on IBM Power Systems and is especially helpful for those unfamiliar with Linux. You can use the IBM Installation Toolkit to: [1]
  • Install and configure Linux on a non-virtualized IBM Power Systems server.
  • Install and configure Linux on servers with previously-configured logical partitions (LPARs, also known as virtualized servers).
  • Install IBM service and productivity tools on a new or previously installed Linux system. The IBM service and productivity tools include dynamic logical partition (DLPAR) utilities.
  • Upgrade system firmware level on IBM Power Systems servers.
  • Perform diagnostics or maintenance operations on previously installed systems.
  • Migrate a LAMP server (software stack) and application data from a System x to a System p system. A LAMP server is a bundle of open source software. LAMP is an acronym for Linux, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL relational database, and the PHP (or sometimes Perl, or Python) language.
Documentation for the IBM Installation Toolkit for PowerLinux is available in the Linux Information Center at
PowerLinux service and productivity tools is an optional set of tools that include hardware service diagnostic aids, productivity tools, and installation aids for Linux operating systems on IBM servers based on POWER7, POWER6, POWER5, and POWER4 technology.
Documentation for the service and productivity tools is available in the Linux Information Center at

[1] Parts of this section were previously published at IBM's Linux information for IBM systems resource at
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