Chapter 4. Managing build output

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Use the following sections for an overview of and instructions for managing build output.

4.1. Build output

Builds that use the docker or source-to-image (S2I) strategy result in the creation of a new container image. The image is then pushed to the container image registry specified in the output section of the Build specification.

If the output kind is ImageStreamTag, then the image will be pushed to the integrated OpenShift Container Platform registry and tagged in the specified imagestream. If the output is of type DockerImage, then the name of the output reference will be used as a docker push specification. The specification may contain a registry or will default to DockerHub if no registry is specified. If the output section of the build specification is empty, then the image will not be pushed at the end of the build.

Output to an ImageStreamTag

      kind: "ImageStreamTag"
      name: "sample-image:latest"

Output to a docker Push Specification

      kind: "DockerImage"
      name: ""

4.2. Output image environment variables

docker and source-to-image (S2I) strategy builds set the following environment variables on output images:



Name of the build


Namespace of the build


The source URL of the build


The Git reference used in the build


Source commit used in the build

Additionally, any user-defined environment variable, for example those configured with S2I] or docker strategy options, will also be part of the output image environment variable list.

4.3. Output image labels

docker and source-to-image (S2I)` builds set the following labels on output images:


Author of the source commit used in the build

Date of the source commit used in the build

Hash of the source commit used in the build

Message of the source commit used in the build

Branch or reference specified in the source

Source URL for the build

You can also use the BuildConfig.spec.output.imageLabels field to specify a list of custom labels that will be applied to each image built from the build configuration.

Custom Labels to be Applied to Built Images

      kind: "ImageStreamTag"
      name: "my-image:latest"
    - name: "vendor"
      value: "MyCompany"
    - name: "authoritative-source-url"
      value: ""

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