Appendix G. Revision History

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Revision History
Revision 6.6.0-7Wed Jun 28 2017John Brier
JDG-982: Removed Important box with references to unsupported mixed mode cluster.
Revision 6.6.0-6Thur May 25 2017John Brier
JDG-984: Added links to protocol interoperability to match Developer Guide
Revision 6.6.0-5Fri Apr 28 2017John Brier
BZ-1445952: Clarified the differences between reaper thread in Remote Client-Server Mode and Library Mode. Also changed wakeUpInterval to interval in C/S mode.
Revision 6.6.0-4Wed Sep 7 2016Christian Huffman
Updating for 6.6.1.
Revision 6.6.0-3Thu Mar 10 2016Christian Huffman
Included section on Google Compute Engine.
Revision 6.6.0-2Thu Mar 10 2016Christian Huffman
BZ-1313478: Included all possible configurations for datasources.
BZ-1315900: Added chapter on configuring JBoss Data Grid with Microsoft Azure.
Revision 6.6.0-1Wed Feb 24 2016Christian Huffman
BZ-1310604: Clarified the versions in which externalization of HTTP sessions is supported.
Revision 6.6.0-0Thu 7 Jan 2016Christian Huffman, Rakesh Ghatvisve
Initial draft for 6.6.0.
BZ-1269547: Documented Hot Rod Cross Site Failover.
BZ-1269548: Documented eviction maximum entries configuration.
Updated versions.
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