Chapter 23. Red Hat JBoss Data Grid CLIs

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Red Hat JBoss Data Grid includes two Command Line Interfaces: a Library Mode CLI (see Section 23.1, “Red Hat JBoss Data Grid Library Mode CLI” for details) and a Server Mode CLI (see Section 23.2, “Red Hat Data Grid Server CLI” for details).

23.1. Red Hat JBoss Data Grid Library Mode CLI

Red Hat JBoss Data Grid includes the Red Hat JBoss Data Grid Library Mode Command Line Interface (CLI) that is used to inspect and modify data within caches and internal components (such as transactions, cross-datacenter replication sites, and rolling upgrades). The JBoss Data Grid Library Mode CLI can also be used for more advanced operations such as transactions.
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23.1.1. Start the Library Mode CLI (Server)

Start the Red Hat JBoss Data Grid CLI's server-side module with the standalone and cluster files. For Linux, use the or script and for Windows, use the standalone.bat or clustered.bat file.

23.1.2. Start the Library Mode CLI (Client)

Start the Red Hat JBoss Data Grid CLI client using the cli files in the bin directory. For Linux, run bin/ and for Windows, run bin\cli.bat.
When starting up the CLI client, specific command line switches can be used to customize the start up.

23.1.3. CLI Client Switches for the Command Line

The listed command line switches are appended to the command line when starting the Red Hat JBoss Data Grid CLI command:
Table 23.1. CLI Client Command Line Switches
Short Option Long Option Description
-c --connect=${URL} Connects to a running Red Hat JBoss Data Grid instance. For example, for JMX over RMI use jmx://[username[:password]]@host:port[/container[/cache]] and for JMX over JBoss Remoting use remoting://[username[:password]]@host:port[/container[/cache]]
-f --file=${FILE} Read the input from the specified file rather than using interactive mode. If the value is set to - then the stdin is used as the input.
-h --help Displays the help information.
-v --version Displays the CLI version information.

23.1.4. Connect to the Application

Use the following command to connect to the application using the CLI:
[disconnected//]> connect jmx://localhost:12000


The port value 12000 depends on the value the JVM is started with. For example, starting the JVM with the command line parameter uses this port, but otherwise a random port is chosen. When the remoting protocol (remoting://localhost:9999) is used, the Red Hat JBoss Data Grid server administration port is used (the default is port 9999).
The command line prompt displays the active connection information, including the currently selected CacheManager.
Use the cache command to select a cache before performing cache operations. The CLI supports tab completion, therefore using the cache and pressing the tab button displays a list of active caches:
[[jmx://localhost:12000/MyCacheManager/> cache
___defaultcache  namedCache
[jmx://localhost:12000/MyCacheManager/]> cache ___defaultcache
Additionally, pressing tab displays a list of valid commands for the CLI.
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