C.8. DeadlockDetectingLockManager

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This component provides information about the number of deadlocks that were detected.
Table C.14. Attributes
Name Description Type Writable
detectedLocalDeadlocks Number of local transactions that were rolled back due to deadlocks. long No
detectedRemoteDeadlocks Number of remote transactions that were rolled back due to deadlocks. long No
overlapWithNotDeadlockAwareLockOwners Number of situations when we try to determine a deadlock and the other lock owner is NOT a transaction. In this scenario we cannot run the deadlock detection mechanism. long No
totalNumberOfDetectedDeadlocks Total number of local detected deadlocks. long No
concurrencyLevel The concurrency level that the MVCC Lock Manager has been configured with. int No
numberOfLocksAvailable The number of exclusive locks that are available. int No
numberOfLocksHeld The number of exclusive locks that are held. int No
Table C.15. Operations
Name Description Signature
resetStatistics Resets statistics gathered by this component. void resetStatistics()
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