Chapter 12. The Memcached Interface

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Memcached is an in-memory caching system used to improve response and operation times for database-driven websites. The Memcached caching system defines a text based protocol called the Memcached protocol. The Memcached protocol uses in-memory objects or (as a last resort) passes to a persistent store such as a special memcached database.
Red Hat JBoss Data Grid offers a server that uses the Memcached protocol, removing the necessity to use Memcached separately with JBoss Data Grid. Additionally, due to JBoss Data Grid's clustering features, its data failover capabilities surpass those provided by Memcached.

12.1. About Memcached Servers

Red Hat JBoss Data Grid contains a server module that implements the memcached protocol. This allows memcached clients to interact with one or multiple JBoss Data Grid based memcached servers.
The servers can be either:
  • Standalone, where each server acts independently without communication with any other memcached servers.
  • Clustered, where servers replicate and distribute data to other memcached servers.
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