25.4. Deadlock Detection

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A deadlock occurs when multiple processes or tasks wait for the other to release a mutually required resource. Deadlocks can significantly reduce the throughput of a system, particularly when multiple transactions operate against one key set.
Red Hat JBoss Data Grid provides deadlock detection to identify such deadlocks. Deadlock detection is set to disabled by default.

25.4.1. Enable Deadlock Detection

Deadlock detection in Red Hat JBoss Data Grid is set to disabled by default but can be enabled and configured for each cache using the namedCache configuration element by adding the following:
<deadlockDetection enabled="true" spinDuration="100"/>
The spinDuration attribute defines how often lock acquisition is attempted within the maximum time allowed to acquire a particular lock (in milliseconds).
Deadlock detection can only be applied to individual caches. Deadlocks that are applied on more than one cache cannot be detected by JBoss Data Grid.
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