6.3. Deployment

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389-ds-base component, BZ#878111
The ns-slapd utility terminates unexpectedly if it cannot rename the dirsrv-<instance> log files in the /var/log/ directory due to incorrect permissions on the directory.
cpuspeed component, BZ#626893
Some HP Proliant servers may report incorrect CPU frequency values in /proc/cpuinfo or /sys/device/system/cpu/*/cpufreq. This is due to the firmware manipulating the CPU frequency without providing any notification to the operating system. To avoid this ensure that the HP Power Regulator option in the BIOS is set to OS Control. An alternative available on more recent systems is to set Collaborative Power Control to Enabled.
releng component, BZ#644778
Some packages in the Optional repositories on RHN have multilib file conflicts. Consequently, these packages cannot have both the primary architecture (for example, x86_64) and secondary architecture (for example, i686) copies of the package installed on the same machine simultaneously. To work around this issue, install only one copy of the conflicting package.
grub component, BZ#695951
On certain UEFI-based systems, you may need to type BOOTX64 rather than bootx64 to boot the installer due to case sensitivity issues.
grub component, BZ#698708
When rebuilding the grub package on the x86_64 architecture, the glibc-static.i686 package must be used. Using the glibc-static.x86_64 package will not meet the build requirements.
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