8.33. e2fsprogs

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Updated e2fsprogs packages that fix several bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The e2fsprogs packages provide a number of utilities for creating, checking, modifying, and correcting any inconsistencies in the ext2 file systems.

Bug Fixes

Previously, the e2fsck utility was unable to detect inconsistencies related to overlapping interior or leaf nodes in the extent tree. As a consequence, some of ext4 extent tree corruptions were not detected or repaired by e2fsck but they were detected by the kernel at run time. With this update, e2fsck is able to detect and repair the described problems as expected.
Previously, the e2fsck utility incorrectly detected uninitialized extents past end of file (EOF) as invalid. Consequently, e2fsck identified pre-allocated blocks past EOF as corrupt. This bug has been fixed and e2fsck now identifies uninitialized extents past EOF correctly.
The resize2fs utility did not properly handle resizing of an ext4 file system to a smaller size. As a consequence, files containing many extents could become corrupted if they were moved during the resize process. With this update, resize2fs maintains a consistent extent tree when moving files containing many extents, and such files no longer become corrupted in the described scenario.
Previously, the resize2fs utility did not correctly relocate inode and block bitmaps when resizing an ext4 file system to a smaller size. Consequently, some file systems became corrupted when the bitmaps were not moved within the new file system size. A patch has been provided to address this bug and resize2fs now maintains a consistent file system in the described scenario.
Previously, the e2fsck utility failed to store information about file system errors correctly. Consequently, entries in the journal were sometimes not properly propagated to the file system superblock. This bug has been fixed and e2fsck now handles all file system errors as expected.
Previously, the e2fsck utility did not clear the error log when processing an ext4 file system. Consequently, e2fsck stored detailed error information in the ext4 file system superblock and returned it periodically upon mounting. With this update, the error log is cleared when e2fsck completes and the redundant error messages are no longer returned.
Prior to this update, the filefrag utility occasionally reported incorrect extent counts. A patch has been applied to address this problem and extents are now counted correctly.
Users of e2fsprogs are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.
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