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Updated perl-Config-General packages that fix several bugs and add various enhancements are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The Config::General Perl module is able to parse and write configuration files and presents an object-oriented access to their data. In addition, the Config::General module is 100% read-compatible with Apache configuration files, though it is also possible to create and access simple name/value configuration files. Certain enhancements such as here-documents, C-style comments and multi-line options are also available.


The perl-Config-General package has been upgraded to upstream version 2.52, which provides a number of bug fixes and enhancements over the previous version. The most significant of these changes are the following:
* When the Config::General module was supplied a directory instead of a configuration file, the module silently accepted it and returned an empty configuration hash. After this update, the module now calls the croak() function if the configuration file parameter is a directory and the "directory include" option is not turned on.
* Parsing now accepts white spaces after the block closing character ">".
* The save_file() function and a named block, whose second part starts with a slash character (/), now can be used to write valid configurations to a file correctly."
* With this update, the sort() function is no longer used on arrays if the "-SaveSorted" option is turned off.
* A character escaping bug has been fixed. Escaping the dollar "$" or the backslash "\" characters is now handled correctly.
* A tied hash now remains tied when saving to a file.
* Preserving the single quotes during a variable interpolation has been corrected. An incrementor is now used to mark single quotes instead of using the rand() function.
* Empty configuration values are no longer handed over to interpreting methods.
* The "-Plug" parameter, which introduces plugin closures, has been added to the perl-Config-General packages.
* The "-NoEscape" switch, which turns off escaping of every character, has been added to the perl-Config-General packages.
* The parameters "-NormalizeOption", "-NormalizeBlock" and "-NormalizeValue", which take a subroutine reference and change a block, option or value accordingly, have been added to the perl-Config-General packages.
* A new option "-AllowSingleQuoteInterpolation", which turns on interpolation for variables inside single quotes, has been added to the perl-Config-General packages.
* A new option "-ForceArray" has been added to the perl-Config-General packages. When enabled, a single configuration value enclosed in square brackets "[ ]" will become an array forcefully.
With this upgraded perl-Config-General package, users can write and process their configuration files more efficiently. (BZ#658946)
Users of perl-Config-General are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs and add these enhancements.
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