8.72. ipmitool

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Updated ipmitool packages that fix several bugs are now available.
The ipmitool package contains a command-line utility for interfacing with devices that support the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) specification. IPMI is an open standard for machine health, inventory, and remote power control.

Bug Fixes

In a previous ipmitool update, the new options "-R" and "-N" were added to adjust the retransmission rate of outgoing IPMI requests over LAN and lanplus interfaces. Implementation of these options set a wrong default value of the retransmission timeout, and an outgoing request timed out prematurely. In addition, in some corner cases, ipmitool could terminate unexpectedly with a segmentation fault when the timeout occurred. This update fixes the default timeout value, so ipmitool without the "-N" option retransmits outgoing IPMI requests as in previous versions, and crashes no longer occur in the described scenario.
Previously, enabling the "ipmi" and "link" keys in user access information using the ipmitool utility did not work properly. Consequently, the values of these settings were not taken into account. A patch has been provided that ensures the values of these settings are read and processed as expected.
In cases of congested network or slow-responding Baseboard Management Controller (BMC), the reply operation timeout triggered the protocol command retry action. Consequently, the ipmitool utility could incorrectly process a LAN session protocol command with the reply from a previous protocol command. This update fixes handling of expected replies for each command alone, and cleans up expected replies between commands. Now, the retried reply of the first command is correctly ignored while the later command, which is currently pending, is properly processed in the described scenario.
Users of ipmitool are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs. After installing this update, the IPMI event daemon (ipmievd) will be restarted automatically.
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