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Updated virt-manager packages that fix several bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
Virtual Machine Manager (virt-manager) is a graphical tool for administering virtual machines for KVM, Xen, and QEMU. The virt-manager utility can start, stop, add or remove virtualized devices, connect to a graphical or serial console, and see resource usage statistics for existing virtualized guests on local or remote machines. It uses the libvirt API (Application Programming Interface).

Bug Fixes

Previously, when calling the libvirt utility, virt-manager omitted an address (in form "bus:device") when identical USB devices (in form "vendorid:productid") were attached, and thus the wrong devices were attached to the guest. With this update, the user specifies information about both, the "bus:device" and "vendorid:productid", to select the correct device. Now, the specified device in the XML or the device selected in the virt-manager GUI are correctly attached to the guest.
Previously, changing a device type or model did not reset the guest address that the device should be reachable at. Consequently, the guest could not start after changing a watchdog from i6300esb to ib700. This bug has been fixed and the guest can now be started as expected.
When selecting a bridge network created by the libvirt utility, virt-manager could not display the details and configuration of network created by libvirt. Moreover, the following error was returned:
Error selecting network: 'None Type' object has no attribute 'split'
With this update, configuration of the network created by libvirt.
Previously, the "create a new virtual machine" virt-manager dialog contained a typographical mistake in unit of "Storage", showing "Gb" instead of "GB". The typo has been fixed.
Due to a wrong attribute always set to "no", errors occurred after changing SElinux from the static option to dynamic on virt-manager. A patch has been provided to fix this bug. With this update, no error messages are returned and SElinux now changes from the static to dynamic option successfully.
If the "Toolbar" check-box was unchecked from the VM configuration in virt-manager, any new VM failed to start installation and the 'Begin Installation' button disappeared. A patch has been applied to fix this bug, and the 'Begin Installation' button no longer disappears from the GUI.
Previously, the ram attribute supported only the qxl guest driver type. Consequently, errors were shown when changing a video from qxl to other models. With this update, the guest works well and deletes the "ram" element automatically when models are changed.
Prior to this update, using virt-manager to connect a physical CD-ROM or an ISO CD-ROM image occasionally did not work in KDE. Also, the "Choose Media" dialog box to select the image or physical device did not show up. A patch has been provided to fix this bug and the "Choose Media" dialog window now shows up when the "Connect" button is pressed.
All virt-manager users are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.
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