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Updated python-virtinst packages that fix several bugs and add one enhancement are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The python-virtinst package contains several command-line utilities, including virt-install for building and installing new virtual machines, and virt-clone for cloning existing virtual machines.

Bug Fixes

If there were duplicate USB devices connected to a host device, passing the vendorId or productId value to the "--host-device" option caused the virt-install utility to terminate with the following message:
ERROR 'vendor' and 'product', or 'bus' and 'device' are required.
This message did not inform about the duplicate devices, which was the cause of the error. The message has been modified to:
ERROR 15e1:2007 corresponds to multiple node devices
As a result, user is now informed about the true cause of the failed installation.
Previously, when the "--disk" parameter contained the hash ("#") character, incorrect error messages were displayed. This bug has been fixed and error messages now inform about the unsupported character correctly.
Prior to this update, the virt-install utility created sparse logical volumes by default. However, sparse logical volumes require further configuration and therefore should be created only by advanced users or management applications. With this update, non-sparse mode is the default and only available setting.
Under rare circumstances, the virt-clone utility displayed incorrect speed statistics during the clone operation. This bug has been fixed, and correct speed values are now displayed when virt-clone is in action.
Under certain circumstances, when there was the ".treeinfo" file available on the system, the virt-install utility attempted to get image information from this file. In case ".treeinfo" did not contain this information, virt-install terminated unexpectedly. This bug has been fixed, and virt-install now uses default values in case of incomplete ".treeinfo".
Previously, an attempt to change the model type of a video device from "qxl" led the virt-manager utility to return the following error message:
Error changing VM configuration: XML error: ram attribute only supported for type of qxl
The underlying source code has been modified, and the model type of a video device can now be changed without complications.


This update provides a revised list of installation environments that are supported by the virt-manager utility.
Users of python-virtinst are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs and add this enhancement.
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