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Updated openhpi packages that fix several bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
OpenHPI provides an open source implementation of the Service Availability Forum (SAF) Hardware Platform Interface (HPI). HPI is an abstracted interface for managing computer hardware, typically chassis- and rack-based servers. HPI includes resource modeling; access to and control over sensor, control, watchdog, and inventory data associated with resources; abstracted System Event Log interfaces; hardware events and alarms; and a managed hot swap interface.

Bug Fixes

Due to a bug in the power_supply() parsing routines, some returned strings could contain incorrectly displayed characters. Consequently, retrieving a serial or part number of a power supply unit (PSU) via the OpenHPI API resulted in strings containing these characters. This update ensures that proper serial and part numbers are returned for PSUs and the returned strings now only contain valid characters.
Previously, code supporting certain RDR (Request Data with Reply) sensors was missing in OpenHPI. Consequently, after the extraction and reinsertion of an enclosure monitored via the Onboard Administrator (OA) SOAP plug-in, the following error messages were returned to the log file:
openhpid: ERROR: (oa_soap_sensor.c, 2005, RDR not present) openhpid: ERROR: (oa_soap_fan_event.c, 279, processing the sensor event for sensor 24 has failed)
This bug has been fixed and no error messages are now logged after a component is extracted and reinserted.
Under certain conditions, when using OpenHPI with the Onboard Administrator (OA) SOAP plug-in when an OA switch-over took place, HPI clients became unresponsive or the openhpi daemon failed to connect to the new active OA. Consequently, clients were unable to retrieve events and data. A series of patches has been provided to better account for OA failover situations, thus fixing this bug.
Prior to this update, support for certain blade servers was missing in OpenHPI. Consequently, the OpenHPI daemon terminated unexpectedly with a segmentation fault at startup on these servers. A patch has been provided to add the missing support and the OpenHPI daemon no longer crashes in the described scenario.
Due to missing support for certain thermal sensors, the getBladeInfo() function could terminate unexpectedly, causing the whole discovery process to fail. This update adds the support for these sensors and OpenHPI discovery now works as expected.
Users of openhpi are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.
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