Chapter 4. Networking and Services

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4.1. Interfaces and Configuration

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 uses NetworkManager by default when configuring network interfaces; however, the network configuration tools, system-config-network, system-config-network-tui and system-config-network-cmd are still included.
Infiniband support (specifically the openib start script and the openib.conf file) was provided by the openib package in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. The package name has changed in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 to reflect its functionality more accurately. The Infiniband functionality is now distributed in the rdma package. The service is now called rdma, and the configuration file is located at /etc/rdma/rdma.conf.
biosdevname accepts a kernel device name as an argument, and returns the BIOS-assigned name for that device. This is useful on systems where the BIOS name for a device does not directly or clearly map to the kernel name. The use of biosdevname is only recommended on systems and architectures that provide such information in their BIOS. Pass biosdevname=1 at installation time to activate biosdevname based naming.
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