10.3.2. Updated Packages

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The following table lists updated packages in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and a description of noteworthy changes.
Table 10.1. Updated Packages
Updated PackageDescription
OProfile OProfile has been updated to 0.9.5. This newer version includes support for Intel Atom and i7 processors, AMD Family 11h processors, and the Instruction Based Sampling (IBS) feature in AMD Family 10h.
quota, edquota, setquota Now accepts a user name or user ID as an argument. If the argument appears to be a number it will be considered a user ID, otherwise it will be translated into an ID automatically. Be aware that this can cause a problem if the user name consists solely of digits. The quota package has been updated. The -x argument, which forced user name to ID translation in utilities such as quota, edquota and setquota has been removed. This functionality is now provided by the --always-resolve option.
module-init-tools /etc/modprobe.conf does not exist by default. Can still be used if manually created.
openscap As of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.6, the openscap package has been rebased to conform to the SCAP 1.2 specification. This update includes a number of changes to component specifications. For details, see
iscsi-initiator-utils To include a number of bug fix updates, the iscsiuio component has been rebased to version
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