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These changes affect the %packages section:
  • The --ignoreDeps and --resolveDeps arguments have been removed. Anaconda automatically resolves dependencies, but will skip installation of packages that have unmet dependencies.
  • If you want to get the exact same set of packages using Kickstart that you would in a default GUI install accepting all of the defaults, add the following:
    %packages --default
  • You can also optionally specify the architecture of packages that you want installed for multi-arch installs. For instance:
    This would add the x86 glibc package to the set, which can be useful on AMD64 and Intel 64 systems that require the 32-bit packages for compatibility reasons.
  • It is not possible to audit and migrate all of the packages and groups in the %packages section. Some packages and groups have been removed, some added, and some have had their name changed. See the Release Notes for more details.
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