3.3.2. Behavioral changes

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 provides full support for ext4 and it is the default file system for new installations. This section explains the major changes in behavior that this new file system introduces.
  • The included version of the GRUB boot loader provides full support for ext4 partitions. The installer also allows you to place any /boot file system on an ext4 partition.
  • The included version of the e2fsprogs package is fully compatible with ext4.
  • In some cases, ext4 file systems created under Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 with the e4fsprogs package created an ext4dev file system type. The test_fs feature flag identifying these file systems as a development version can be removed with the following command: tune2fs -E ^test_fs. This is done so that these file systems will be recognized as regular ext4 file systems.
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