10.4.3. Discontinued Kernel Components

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  • NBD - Network Block Device supplanted by iSCSI in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
  • HFS - Apple filesystem support discontinued in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
  • Tux - Web Server accelerator discontinued in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
  • Non-PAE x86 kernel - Previous versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux contained multiple kernels for the i686 architecture: a kernel with, and a kernel without PAE. It has been many years since non-PAE hardware was sold in volume. Hence in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, there is only a single kernel, one that includes PAE.
  • The Anticipatory I/O scheduler is deprecated and is not present in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. It is replaced by the CFQ (Completely Fair Queueing) I/O scheduler, which has been the default I/O scheduler in the Linux kernel since 2006. Customers using the Anticipatory I/O scheduler are encouraged to test their workload using CFQ and file bugs for any performance issues observed. While the goal is to make CFQ perform on par with the Anticipatory I/O scheduler in all tested workloads, Red Hat cannot guarantee that there will be no outliers.
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