10.4. Installing virt-who Manually

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This section will describe how to manually attach the subscription provided by the hypervisor.

Procedure 10.2. How to attach a subscription manually

  1. List subscription information and find the Pool ID

    First you need to list the available subscriptions which are of the virtual type. Enter the following command:
    [root@server1 ~]# subscription-manager list --avail --match-installed | grep 'Virtual' -B12
    Subscription Name: Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES (Basic for Virtualization)
    Provides:          Red Hat Beta
                       Oracle Java (for RHEL Server)
                       Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server
    SKU:               -------
    Pool ID:           XYZ123
    Available:         40
    Suggested:         1
    Service Level:     Basic
    Service Type:      L1-L3
    Multi-Entitlement: No
    Ends:              01/02/2017
    System Type:       Virtual
    Note the Pool ID displayed. Copy this ID as you will need it in the next step.
  2. Attach the subscription with the Pool ID

    Using the Pool ID you copied in the previous step run the attach command. Replace the Pool ID XYZ123 with the Pool ID you retrieved. Enter the following command:
    [root@server1 ~]# subscription-manager attach --pool=XYZ123
    Successfully attached a subscription for: Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES (Basic for Virtualization)
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