10.5. Troubleshooting virt-who

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10.5.1. Why is the hypervisor status red?

Scenario: On the server side, you deploy a guest on a hypervisor that does not have a subscription. 24 hours later, the hypervisor displays its status as red. To remedy this situation you must get a subscription for that hypervisor. Or, permanently migrate the guest to a hypervisor with a subscription.

10.5.2. I have subscription status errors, what do I do?

Scenario: Any of the following error messages display:
  • System not properly subscribed
  • Status unknown
  • Late binding of a guest to a hypervisor through virt-who (host/guest mapping)
To find the reason for the error open the virt-who log file, named rhsm.log, located in the /var/log/rhsm/ directory.
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