Chapter 22. Installation Phase 2: Configuring Language and Installation Source

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Before the graphical installation program starts, you need to configure the language and installation source.
By default, if you are installing interactively (with the default parameter file generic.prm) the loader program to select language and installation source starts in text mode. In your new ssh session, the following message is displayed:
Welcome to the anaconda install environment 1.2 for zSeries

22.1. Non-interactive Line-Mode Installation

If the cmdline option was specified as boot option in your parameter file (Section 26.6, “Parameters for Kickstart Installations”) or in your kickstart file (refer to Section 32.3, “Creating the Kickstart File”, the loader starts up with line-mode oriented text output. In this mode, all necessary information must be provided in the kickstart file. The installer does not allow user interaction and stops if there is unspecified installation information.
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