27.2. IBM Redbooks Publications for System z

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Current versions of IBM Redbooks publications can be found at They include:

Introductory publications

Introduction to the New Mainframe: z/VM Basics. IBM Redbooks . 2007. SG24-7316.

z/VM and Linux on IBM System z The Virtualization Cookbook for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2. IBM Redbooks . 2008. SG24-7492.

Practical Migration to Linux on System z. IBM Redbooks . 2009. SG24-7727.

Performance and high availability

Linux on IBM System z: Performance Measurement and Tuning. IBM Redbooks . 2011. SG24-6926.

Achieving High Availability on Linux for System z with Linux-HA Release 2. IBM Redbooks . 2009. SG24-7711.


Security for Linux on System z. IBM Redbooks . 2013. SG24-7728.

Using Cryptographic Adapters for Web Servers with Linux on IBM System z9 and zSeries. IBM Redbooks . 2006. REDP-4131.


IBM System z Connectivity Handbook. IBM Redbooks . 2013. SG24-5444.

OSA Express Implementation Guide. IBM Redbooks . 2009. SG24-5948.

HiperSockets Implementation Guide. IBM Redbooks . 2007. SG24-6816.

Fibre Channel Protocol for Linux and z/VM on IBM System z. IBM Redbooks . 2007. SG24-7266.

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