14.3. Booting from the Network Using a yaboot Installation Server

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To boot with a yaboot installation server, you need a properly configured server, and a network interface in your computer that can support an installation server. For information on how to configure an installation server, refer to Chapter 30, Setting Up an Installation Server.
Configure the computer to boot from the network interface by selecting Select Boot Options in the SMS menu, then Select Boot/Install Device. Finally, select your network device from the list of available devices.
Once you properly configure booting from an installation server, the computer can boot the Red Hat Enterprise Linux installation system without any other media.
To boot a computer from a yaboot installation server:
  1. Ensure that the network cable is attached. The link indicator light on the network socket should be lit, even if the computer is not switched on.
  2. Switch on the computer.
  3. A menu screen appears. Press the number key that corresponds to the desired option.
If your PC does not boot from the network installation server, ensure that the SMS is configured to boot first from the correct network interface. Refer to your hardware documentation for more information.
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