4.2. Agent Users and Discovery

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An agent discovers a resource by searching for certain common properties, such as PIDs and processes or start scripts.
It does not necessarily matter whether the agent has superior privileges as the resource user.
For most resources, the agent simply requires read access to that resource's configuration. For resources like Apache and Postgres, as long as the agent can read the resource configuration, the resources can be discovered.
For some other resources, the agent user has to have very specific permissions:
  • For JBoss EAP resources, the agent must have read permissions to the run.jar file, plus execute and search permissions for every directory in the path to the run.jar file.
  • When a JBoss EAP 6 instance is installed from an RPM, the agent user must belong to the same system group which runs the EAP instance. This is jboss, by default.
  • Tomcat servers can only be discovered if the JBoss ON agent and the Tomcat server are running as the same user. Even if the agent is running as root, the Tomcat server cannot be discovered if it is running as a different user than the agent.
  • If a JVM or JMX server is running with JMX remoting, then it can be discovered if the agent is running as a different user. However, if it is running with using the attach API, it has to be running as the same user as the agent for the resource to be discovered.
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