Appendix B. Document History

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Revision History
Revision 3.3.7-1Tue 11 Apr 2017Scott Mumford
Rebuild for various bug fixes.
Revision 3.3.2-11Thu Jun 23 2016Scott Mumford
BZ-1315797: Various updates for EAP 7 support
Revision 3.3.2-7Thu 02 July 2015Jared Morgan
Fixed HTML Anchors that were breaking links in the JBoss ON UI Help > Documentation menu.
Published to remove some brand formatting issues.
Removed Preface for immediate access to content.
Revision 3.3.2-2Tue 28 Apr 2015Jared Morgan
BZ#1151788 - Corrected textual procedure steps in the guide, to marry up with the user interface.
Revision 3.3.2-1Tue 28 Apr 2015Jared Morgan
Prepared for JBoss ON 3.3.2 Release
Revision 3.3.1-3Wed Feb 25 2015Jared Morgan
Prepared for JBoss ON 3.3.1.GA Release
BZ#1151202 - Corrected an Adding Monitoring Metrics procedure that required update after the UX changes in 3.3.0.
BZ#1152895 - Corrected a statement in "Installing the Response Time Filters" section suggesting that the only way to collect call time metrics was through the HTTPS management interface.
Revision 3.3-71Mon Nov 17 2014Jared Morgan
See the 3.3 Release Notes for Customer Initiated Defects. - enhanced the note about directories requiring read/write access for patching in Section 32.8, “Patching JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.2 and Above”. - Removed Step 5 from Section 18.2, “Viewing a Resource's Availability Charts” as it is no longer applicable due to UI changes. - Fixed the URL to /coregui/#Test/ as prescribed, and found a few more instances that needed correcting. - Removed the two steps that described incorrect steps from the old GUI. Minor grammar edit on the section. Commented out some self-explanatory graphics that were cluttering the procedure.
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