16.4. Differences with Monitoring Based on Different Resource Types

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Available metrics, events, traits, and other monitoring settings are defined for each resource type in its plug-in descriptor.
Obviously, software of completely different types have different possible monitoring configuration.
However, monitoring settings can be different between releases of the same software. Either different metrics are available or the same metric may have different configuration names. For example, JBoss EAP 4 and 5 have the same metrics, related to monitoring the EAP server JVM, threads, and transactions. Because of the different management structure in JBoss EAP 6, there are different metrics, related to management requests between the servers in the EAP 6 domain.
The Resource Reference: Monitoring, Operation, and Configuration Options has a complete references of available metrics for the official JBoss ON agent plug-ins. Check this guide to see what differences there are between release versions.
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