Chapter 55. RH033: Red Hat Linux Essentials

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55.1. Course Description

The first course for both RHCT and RHCE certification tracks, RH033 is ideal for individuals who have never used Linux or UNIX, and who have no prior command line experience in any other operating system. You are taught the basics of a Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment, and it prepares you for your future role as a system administrator.

55.1.1. Prerequisites

User-level experience with any computer system, use of menus, use of any graphical user interface.

55.1.2. Goal

A Red Hat Enterprise Linux power user who can be productive in using and customizing a Red Hat system for common command line processes and desktop productivity roles, and who is ready to learn system administration (RH133).

55.1.3. Audience

Users who are new to Linux and have no prior UNIX or command line skills, who want to develop and practice the basic skills to use and control their own Red Hat Linux system.

55.1.4. Course Objectives

  1. Understand the Linux file system
  2. Perform common file maintenance
  3. Use and customize the GNOME interface
  4. Issue essential Linux commands from the command line
  5. Perform common tasks using the GNOME GUI
  6. Open, edit, and save text documents using the vi editor
  7. File access permissions
  8. Customize X Window System
  9. Regular expression pattern matching and I/O redirection
  10. Install, upgrade, delete and query packages on your system
  11. Network utilities for the user
  12. Power user utilities

55.1.5. Follow-on Courses

RH133 Red Hat Linux Sys. Admin.
RH253 Red Hat Linux Net. and Sec. Admin
RH300 Red Hat Linux RHCE Rapid Track
"I would enthusiastically recommend this course to anyone interested in Linux."——Mike Kimmel, ITT Systems Division
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