Chapter 63. RH401: Red Hat Enterprise Deployment and systems management

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Manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux deployments.

63.1. Course Description

RH401 is a four-day intensive hands-on lab course in skills and methods critical to large-scale deployment and management of mission-critical Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems, including failover and load-balancing, CVS for system administrators, RPM rebuilding, and performance tuning for specific applications.

63.1.1. Prerequisites

RH253 at a minimum, RHCE certification preferred, or comparable skills and knowledge. All prospective course participants without RHCE certification are encouraged to verify skills with Red Hat's free online pre—assessment tests. Note: Persons should not enroll in RH401 without meeting the above prerequisites.
All prospective course participants who do not possess RHCE certification are strongly advised to contact Red Hat Global Learning Services for a skills assessment when they enroll.

63.1.2. Goal

RH401 trains senior system administrators to manage large numbers of Enterprise Linux servers in a variety of roles, and/or manage them for mission—critical applications that require failover and load-balancing. Further, RH401 is benchmarked on expert—level competencies in managing operating systems for enterprise roles—the course teaches how to implement and manage enterprise Red Hat Enterprise Linux deployments efficiently and effectively in ways that make the entire enterprise deployment manageable by a team.

63.1.3. Audience

Senior Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administrators and other IT professionals working in enterprise environments and mission-critical systems.

63.1.4. Course Objectives

  1. Configuration management using CVS
  2. Construction of custom RPM packages
  3. Software management with Red Hat Network Proxy Server
  4. Assembling a host provisioning and management system
  5. Performance tuning and analysis
  6. High-availability network load-balancing clusters
  7. High-availability application failover clusters

63.1.5. Follow-on Courses

RHS333 Enterprise Security: Securing Network Services
RH423 Red Hat Enterprise Directory Services and Authentication
RH436 Red Hat Enterprise Storage Mgmt.
RH442 Red Hat Enterprise System Monitoring and Performance Tuning
"After taking RH401 I am completely confident that I can implement enterprise—scale high—availability solutions end-to-end."——Barry Brimer, Bunge North America
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