46.3.5. Displaying Open Files

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To display information about open files, type the files command at the interactive prompt. You can use files pid to display files opened by the selected process.

Example 46.7. Displaying information about open files of the current context

crash> files
PID: 6042   TASK: f09c7000  CPU: 0   COMMAND: "bash"
ROOT: /    CWD: /root
  0  e33be480  e609bf70  f0e1d880  CHR   /dev/pts/1
  1  e424d8c0  d637add8  f7809b78  REG   /proc/sysrq-trigger
  2  e33be480  e609bf70  f0e1d880  CHR   /dev/pts/1
 10  e33be480  e609bf70  f0e1d880  CHR   /dev/pts/1
255  e33be480  e609bf70  f0e1d880  CHR   /dev/pts/1
Type help files for more information on the command usage.
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