Appendix B. Colophon

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The manuals are written in DocBook XML v4.3 format.
Garrett LeSage created the admonition graphics (note, tip, important, caution, and warning). They may be freely redistributed with the Red Hat documentation.
Contributing Writers: John Ha (System Administration, Filesystems, Kernel), Joshua Wulf (Installation and Booting), Brian Cleary (Virtualization), David O'Brien (Security and SELinux), Michael Hideo (System Administration), Don Domingo (System Administration), Michael Behm (System Administration), Paul Kennedy (Storage), Melissa Goldin (Red Hat Network)
Honoring those who have gone before: Sandra Moore, Edward C. Bailey, Karsten Wade, Mark Johnson, Andrius Benokraitis, Lucy Ringland
Honoring engineering efforts: Jeffrey Fearn
Technical Editing: Michael Behm
Graphic Artist: Andrew Fitzsimon
The Red Hat Localization Team consists of the following people:
  • East Asian Languages
    • Simplified Chinese
      • Tony Tongjie Fu
      • Simon Xi Huang
      • Leah Wei Liu
      • Sarah Saiying Wang
    • Traditional Chinese
      • Chester Cheng
      • Terry Chuang
      • Ben Hung-Pin Wu
    • Japanese
      • Kiyoto Hashida
      • Junko Ito
      • Noriko Mizumoto
      • Takuro Nagamoto
    • Korean
      • Eun-ju Kim
      • Michelle Kim
  • Latin Languages
    • French
      • Jean-Paul Aubry
      • Fabien Decroux
      • Myriam Malga
      • Audrey Simons
      • Corina Roe
    • German
      • Jasna Dimanoski
      • Verena Furhuer
      • Bernd Groh
      • Daniela Kugelmann
      • Timo Trinks
    • Italian
      • Francesco Valente
    • Brazilian Portuguese
      • Glaucia de Freitas
      • Leticia de Lima
      • David Barzilay
    • Spanish
      • Angela Garcia
      • Gladys Guerrero
      • Yelitza Louze
      • Manuel Ospina
    • Russian
      • Yuliya Poyarkova
  • Indic Languages
    • Bengali
      • Runa Bhattacharjee
    • Gujarati
      • Ankitkumar Rameshchandra Patel
      • Sweta Kothari
    • Hindi
      • Rajesh Ranjan
    • Malayalam
      • Ani Peter
    • Marathi
      • Sandeep Shedmake
    • Punjabi
      • Amanpreet Singh Alam
      • Jaswinder Singh
    • Tamil
      • I Felix
      • N Jayaradha
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