69.7. RHD439: JBoss Clustering

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Clustering is a 4-day training focusing on high availability services of JBoss Enterprise Middleware System (JEMS). You will learn how JBoss Application Server leverages JGroups and JBoss Cache for replication and fail-over, how to configure, tune and implement JGroups protocol stacks, how to leverage JBoss Cache in your own middleware application implementation and how to use and configure mod_jk for HTTP load balancing. We will also cover in some detail JBoss Application Server high availability services such as HA-JNDI, HA-JMS and HA-singleton.

69.7.1. Prerequisites

Completion of the JBoss for Advanced J2EE Developers course is strongly recommended before taking this course. It is also strongly recommended that the student has at minimum 18 month practical development experience using J2EE and other Java middleware technologies, and it is suggested that the student have some practical experience with JBoss Application Server. Solid Java programming experience (minimum 3 years) is required and understanding of basic TCP/IP topics is necessary.
The student must have the following skills:
  1. JTA, Transactions, Java concurrency
  2. EJB 2.1, JMS, reliable messaging technologies
  3. Previous experience with Apache httpd and some exposure to mod_jk and/or mod_proxy
  4. Familiar with JBoss AS microkernel and JMX
  5. Familiarity with TCP/IP, UDP, Multicasting
"The JBoss for Administrators course was very informative. Our instructor did a great job at answering our questions (some very specific to the student) while maintaining the course direction. I am very excited about applying what I have learned in the course."——Andy Beier, Arizona Statue University, USA
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