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Server options must be placed on their own line in .fetchmailrc after a poll or skip action.
  • auth <auth-type> — Replace <auth-type> with the type of authentication to be used. By default, password authentication is used, but some protocols support other types of authentication, including kerberos_v5, kerberos_v4, and ssh. If the any authentication type is used, Fetchmail first tries methods that do not require a password, then methods that mask the password, and finally attempts to send the password unencrypted to authenticate to the server.
  • interval <number> — Polls the specified server every <number> of times that it checks for email on all configured servers. This option is generally used for email servers where the user rarely receives messages.
  • port <port-number> — Replace <port-number> with the port number. This value overrides the default port number for the specified protocol.
  • proto <protocol> — Replace <protocol> with the protocol, such as pop3 or imap, to use when checking for messages on the server.
  • timeout <seconds> — Replace <seconds> with the number of seconds of server inactivity after which Fetchmail gives up on a connection attempt. If this value is not set, a default of 300 seconds is assumed.
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