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Special characters used before Procmail recipe conditions and actions change the way they are interpreted.
The following characters may be used after the * character at the beginning of a recipe's condition line:
  • ! — In the condition line, this character inverts the condition, causing a match to occur only if the condition does not match the message.
  • < — Checks if the message is under a specified number of bytes.
  • > — Checks if the message is over a specified number of bytes.
The following characters are used to perform special actions:
  • ! — In the action line, this character tells Procmail to forward the message to the specified email addresses.
  • $ — Refers to a variable set earlier in the rc file. This is often used to set a common mailbox that is referred to by various recipes.
  • | — Starts a specified program to process the message.
  • { and } — Constructs a nesting block, used to contain additional recipes to apply to matching messages.
If no special character is used at the beginning of the action line, Procmail assumes that the action line is specifying the mailbox in which to write the message.
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